Earn a lot of money in a stylish ambience.


Our Location is known since 2011 and very central in Glattbrugg - near the Zurich Airport


  • female Swiss management
  • approved 7/24h
  • Discreet, Private flats NO REDLIGHT
  • Safety/Security Cameras
  • Rooms with Box-spring beds, completely furnished
  • Towels, bed sheets, Radio, Safe etc.
  • WLAN (no TV connection)

For shared use:

  • Kitchen with Microwave & water heater
  • Bath with Shower/Toilet
  • Washroom with several industrial washing machine and dryer
  • Smoking area
  • Garden/Pavilion
  • free parking for clients


One Room is 500.-Fr. per week, to pay weekly at the first day

You can also rent your own parking space (20.-Fr. per week/100.- per month)


  • Cleaning of the room, kitchen, bathroom and washroom is task of the lodger. I provide only vacuum cleaner, brush and buckets!
  • Detergents, sponge, cloths, washing powder, Toilet Paper and so on, you have to buy
  • Also all things to need to do your job, you have to bring with you (Condoms, Oil, Cream, mouthwash etc.)

Working Permissions:

  • 90-Daywork Permissions I do for you for free
  • L-Working Permissions for long-time tenants on request


  • For the advertising you are responsible by your own, of course you can send me your working name, phone number and pictures and I do it on our website for free.
  • If you need more help with the advertising, I can give you a contact, which do the advertising for you and you have to pay for this.

Important Condition! You have to speak English or/and German!

Are you interested? Write me a message 078 952 59 49